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Competition Tracker - Monitoring TV Advertising, Overnight.
Active advertisers that did not advertise on a given channel.
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Data is based on Eastern Time zone.
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Service Level Agreement

While DecisionCraft shall make utmost attempts to deliver daily data on the following day morning at 9:00 AM (local country time), the delivery of a day’s data is guaranteed within 24 hours of the end of the following day. Errors in data like incorrect brand-name and brand-category for an advertisement will corrected within 24 hours of reporting.

The names of the advertisers in the advertisement logs (“Ad-logs”) may not be accurate, since we have no access to the name of the company in whose name the advertisement was booked. Any bugs reported on the web application at (cTrack) is guaranteed to be fixed within 3 days of reporting.

If any of the problems described above are solved within the time stipulated above, DecisionCraft will credit the customer with a pro-rata subscription amount for the number of days’ down-time. For this purpose, if these problems last for more than two hours on a day, they would be deemed to have lasted for the full day.

If any of the problems brought to DecisionCraft’s notice on cTrack website remain unresolved for more than 30 days, the customers will have to right to cancel the agreement with full refund of any advance payments made by them. The “advance payment” for this purpose will include the subscription amount already paid by the customers for the period between reporting of such problem and expiry of the subscription cycle.