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A.  Definitions
1 Campaign

Brands that had 1 spots telecast during the previous 10 days on the channels in the universe*.

2 New Business

A new advertiser on a channel who had no spots telecast on the channel in previous 6 months.

3 Universe

Universe is defined as collection of channels monitored by cTrack.

4 My Channel

My Channel for you is defined in the "My Account –> Settings" section on To change it, please contact your account administrator.

To change the parameters in the above definitions, please click here.

B.  Reports
1 Top Advertisers

A list of ten top advertisers (by advertising seconds) in the Universe*. The top advertiser for each of the channels is also available in this report. Like in cTrack-lite, this report contains data for the markets not subscribed to by the user too.

2 Active Campaigns

This report lists active campaigns^ on each of the channels in the universe*.

3 Channel Summary

The break-down of total advertising on each of the channels in the universe*, between ‘New Business’, ‘Exclusive Advertisers’, and ‘Others’ for a user-defined period. The user-defined period can include only the period during which the corresponding channels were subscribed.

4 New Business

New Business^ signed by each of the channels in the universe*.

5 Missing Advertisers

List of advertisers, along with their total advertising seconds, that were active otherwise but missing on the channels in the universe*, during a user-defined period.

6 Exclusive Advertisers

The advertisers that advertised ONLY on one of the channels in the universe* during the user-defined period.

7 Pie-Share

Top Ten advertisers' share of advertising for each of the channels in the in the Universe*.

*Universe is a set of channels subscribed to by the user.

^See the definitions above.