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– Napoleon Bonaparte
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 cTrack is a TV monitoring service. It monitors advertising on the following over-the-air channels received in New York/New Jersey.

  1. WCBS (2-1)
  2. WNBC (4-1)
  3. Cozy TV (4-2)
  4. Fox HD (5-1)
  5. Movies! (5-2)
  6. ABC HD (7-1)
  7. LivWell (7-2)
  8. Laff TV (7-3)
  9. MyTV (9-1)
  10. BuzzR (9-3)
  11. Heroes & Icons (9-4)
  12. PIX11 (11-1)
  13. Antenna TV (11-2)
  14. ThisTV (11-3)
  15. Qubo
  16. MeTV (33-1)
  17. Grit TV (33-3)
  18. Escape TV (33-4)
  19. Bounce TV (41-2)
  20. Get TV (68-3)
  21. Fios1
  22. iOn (31-1)
  23. iON Life
  24. WLNY (10-55)
  25. *Mega TV
  26. *Univision (41-1)
  27. *Unimas (68-1)
  28. *Telemundo (47-1)
  29. *Estrella (64-570)
  30. *TeleXitos (57-2)
  31. *WAPA America
  32. *Univision Telenovelas
  33. *Del Pelicula Classico
  34. *Pasiones
  35. *Discovery Famillia
*Spanish channels, Pay channels

An accurate list of advertisements telecast everyday is released on this website, on the next morning. Also included on the site are more than 15 analytical reports to build a detailed competitive-landscape for the advertisers, channels, and brands/products. cTrack also provides third-party telecast-certification of the spots. Many of the reports, including telecast certificates, can be automated to be produced and mailed to your clients and senior executives periodically.

cTrack was set up in 2015, and has been tracking TV advertising on international channels in the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, and Singapore. Click here for information on cTrack's international service.

cTrack subscription comes with access to cTrackPlus, a mobile app invaluable to the sales, business development, and strategy professionals. Download cTrackLite a free version of cTrackPlus. Contact us to subscribe to cTrack.

Download cTrack-lite
Watch this space for cTrack's expansion to the other major cities in the USA. Or click here to sign up for cTrack's monthly newsletter.
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International Services
TV Audience Research & Measurement
Infinity – Transmission technology independent
Connection diagrams
Data Center- Location: USA
Program Appreciation
Install, Monitor, Maintain

cTrack's end-to-end TV Audience Measurement solution consists of three components:

  1. "Infinity" peoplemeters
  2. Related Software, and
  3. Hosting (data center) services

Infinity meters take screenshots of the complete screen to identify the content being viewed on TV. The screen images are sent to cTrack's data center, located in the USA, over Internet.

Average time for an image to reach the data center is about 2 minutes. These images are then processed with image-processing software to identify the channel being viewed.

This is the lowest time-to-market system available anywhere.

Write to us at inquiries@ctrack.tv for more information on the system.

Panel management from a single interface
Near Real-time Data
Competition Analysis
Audience Analysis
Opinion Polls
Inventory Management
Average TV Viewing
Cue Tone